Seeing the invisible. In many areas of research visual evidence makes the difference between success and failure. Curadel ResVet Imaging makes the invisible…visible.

Researchers use FLARE® technology when visible light just won’t do. Because near-infrared light penetrates millimeters instead of microns into living tissue, objects that would otherwise be hard to find are revealed.

Our Lab-FLARE® devices and imaging agents work seamlessly together to harness the power of near-infrared light for biomedical imaging. Do you need to find small numbers of stem cells in a tissue? Resect a tumor under image-guidance? Find single cells on a histological specimen? Find all the lymph nodes in a lymph node basin? Find a sentinel lymph node? Then let FLARE® light the way.

The customer is number one. Our team of highly skilled engineers, chemists, and application specialists are here to serve your needs. Do you have a difficult research question you need help with? Trouble with a chemical synthesis or conjugation? Would you like to see our products in action? If so, Contact Us by phone, email, or Skype.

Curadel ResVet Imaging has a large number of general-purpose near-infrared fluorophores for rendering any small molecule, peptidomimetic, antibody, protein, or nanoparticle near-infrared fluorescent.

FLARE® imaging systems all have two independent channels of near-infrared fluorescence, one centered at 700 nm and one centered at 800 nm, acquired simultaneously with color video. Thus any two desired objects can be imaged at the same time and in the context of surrounding landmarks.

As imaging systems and contrast agents are validated by researchers, Curadel ResVet Imaging is committed to making them accessible to veterinarians to benefit the care of animals. However, veterinary approvals are complicated and expensive, and will take time and resources. Please check back frequently to check our progress, or Contact Us if you have any questions.

Recent Product Announcements

Imaging Systems


Curadel ResVet Imaging is now adding to the waiting list for its flagship Lab-FLARE® Model R1 open space, truly simultaneous, NIR fluorescence imaging system for advanced research applications.  Learn More.

Contrast Agents

Curadel ResVet Imaging announces the availability of ZW800-1, the world’s first zwitterionic NIR fluorophore. ZW800-1 is available as carboyxlic acid, NHS ester, and maleimide derivatives. Learn more about ZW800-1 or use our Research Product Finder to search our catalog.

Special Applications

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.14.02 PM

Curadel ResVet Imaging announces Ligand-Match™, a revolutionary NIR fluorophore labeling system for biomolecules.

Acceleration Program


Customers purchasing or leasing a Lab-FLARE® Model R1 imaging system from Curadel ResVet Imaging receive over $10,000 in contrast agents to accelerate their research. Learn More.