Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide researchers and veterinarians with the highest quality imaging systems and contrast agents possible. We pride ourselves on continually improving our products, our processes, and our policies to better serve our customers. By empowering researchers to explore new ideas, and by providing veterinarians with image-guidance for animals and pet care, Curadel ResVet Imaging believes that it can make a positive impact in the world.

Core Ideology

Our core ideology is simple: We exist to alleviate suffering.

Our Commitment to Quality

Why is Curadel ResVet Imaging different? Because of our commitment to quality.

  • When we report chemical purity, it is measured at 210 nm, the most stringent analytical standard, and the same one used by the FDA
  • Imaging systems are field tested in hundreds of experiments
  • Customer suggestions are built into every new product and product revision
  • FLARE® Contrast agents and imaging systems are guaranteed to work together to provide the highest possible performance

If you ever have an issue with a Curadel imaging system or contrast agent, please Contact Us immediately. Please also feel free to let us know what features or products you would like for your research.