Our Technology

Invisible near-infrared (NIR) light in the wavelength range of 700 to 900 nm penetrates several millimeters into living tissue to highlight virtually any desired biomarker, cell, or anatomical structure. By creating an imaging system that excites and collects NIR fluorescence, the invisible suddenly becomes visible. NIR light is in the process of revolutionizing biomedical imaging and FLARE® technology is lighting the way.

Please visit the Resource Sharing pages of our parent R&D Company, Curadel, for detailed primers on NIR imaging systems and NIR contrast agents as well as our other useful information.

Curadel ResVet Imaging’s unique NIR technology is called FLARE®, which stands for FLuorescence-Assisted Resection and Exploration. FLARE® technology is available in two major categories, Lab-FLARE® for researchers and Vet-FLARE® for veterinarians.


Lab-FLARE® products are sold for laboratory research use only. They are not for veterinary or human use. By combining a Lab-FLARE® imaging system with a Lab-FLARE® contrast agent, virtually anything in the body can be highlighted. Our unique patented technology provides simultaneous imaging of color video (i.e., what you’re used to seeing) with two channels of invisible NIR fluorescent light. By choosing the contrast agent(s) specific for the desired structure(s) to be detected, researchers can now follow stem cells in real time in the body, quantify tissue regeneration, detect specific biomarkers, and develop new surgical techniques, to name just a few important applications.

But we don’t stop there. Our parent R&D company Curadel, LLC is constantly innovating. We expect to introduce a new contrast agent into our product portfolio every 3-4 weeks for the next couple of years. Also look for new imaging systems that move the field forward and empower researchers to do what couldn’t be done before.

Remember, we are one of you, and we know what it means to get great service from a company. Curadel ResVet Imaging is here to help you be successful in your research. Feel free to Contact Us anytime with general thoughts or suggestions, and visit our Technical Support section, or contact our scientists directly.

Animal Lovers and Veterinarians

Most pet owners want the best possible healthcare for their animals, as evidenced by the growth in companion animal health sales. However, despite the desire to do the best for their pets, a lot of technology available for clinical use on humans simply isn’t available to veterinarians due to complex regulatory and commercial factors.

As pet owners and animal lovers, the team at Curadel ResVet Imaging is committed to creating a new line of tools for veterinarians under the brand Vet-FLARE®. Vet-FLARE® products will be sold for veterinary use only. They are not for human use. Veterinary approvals, though, are complicated and expensive, and will take time and resources. Please check back frequently to check our progress, Contact Us if you have any questions, or Register and check the box to be informed about new product offerings and announcements.