What’s New

September 2, 2015Curadel ResVet Imaging launches both its Lab-FLARE® imaging system product line and its Lab-FLARE® contrast agent product line at the World Molecular Imaging Congress in Honolulu, HI.
August, 2015Manager of Operations Minessa Konecky to receive the 2014 SRA International Annual Meeting Outstanding Current Session Award at the 2015 SRA International Annual Meeting.
March, 2015Curadel reaches the semi-finalist round of the Smaller Business Association of New England Innovation Awards.
February 5, 2015Curadel ResVet Imaging commercializes ZW800-1, the world’s first zwitterionic (i.e., geometrically-balanced, electrically neutral, polyionic polymethines) near-infrared fluorophore. Available as either a carboxylic acid or, for one-step conjugation to targeting ligands, as a N-hydroxysuccimimidyl (NHS) ester, ZW800-1 exhibits extremely low non-specific background binding both in vitro and in vivo, thus improving the signal-to-background ration in virtually all biomedical imaging applications.