Lab-FLARE® Products for Research

Lab-FLARE® branded products are state-of-the-art tools for biomedical researchers. They are not for veterinary or human use, or for use in diagnostic procedures. They are not for veterinary or human use. Curadel ResVet Imaging has developed a portfolio of products to help answer almost any research question. Use our Product Finder to quickly find the right solution for your needs, or learn more about:

Imaging Systems: All of our open-space and minimally-invasive imaging systems provide two independent channels of near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence with simultaneous acquisition and real-time display of color video. When combined with Lab-FLARE® contrast agents, virtually any target or targets can be highlighted.

Applications:  Lab-FLARE® products can be used in a near limitless number of research applications. Use our Ligand-Match™  technology to turn virtually any targeting ligand into a FLARE® contrast agent. Or, combine a FLARE® imaging system with one ore more FLARE® contrast agents to solve important scientific problems.

Contrast Agents: Curadel ResVet Imaging has a wide selection of general-purpose labeling reagents for NIR fluorescence imaging, as well as target-specific reagents for almost any biomedical application. If you don’t see the contrast agent you need, please Contact Us to suggest a new one.

Accessories and Consumables: For research surgery that requires sterility, all Lab-FLARE® imaging systems have sterile drapes and shields available. These proprietary designs have light transmission of almost 98% while maintaining sterility of the system. We also offer NIR-optimized accessories for various specialty applications.

Are you unable to purchase an imaging system? No problem, consider our leasing program.

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Finally, check out how investigators around the world are using FLARE® technology to solve important research problems on our “Enlightening Customer Examples” page.