Leasing Program

Curadel Resvet Imaging (CRV) is pleased to make it easy for customers to obtain its state-of-the-art FLARE® imaging systems. There are two leasing options available:

Capital Lease

A capital lease is a financial loan to a customer that covers the cost of the device. In a capital lease the full cost of the device is amortized with interest over the loan term. A loan term can range from 3-5 years, and the customer will own the device after the loan has been paid in full. Several of our partners offer capital leases in most countries.

Operational Lease

An operational lease is akin to renting a device to a customer over a fixed period of time. The cost of the “rental” is determined by the total duration of the term (typically 3-5 years) and the estimated retained value at the end of the term. Operational leases have a lower monthly payment, and the customer has the option to buy the device at the end of their term for the fair market value (FMV).

The following tables lists our leasing partners and their contact information.

Areas CoveredCompany NameContact NameContact PhoneContact EmailLease Type(s) Available
USA Equities FundingStephen Kolton508-829-3444equities@att.netCapital, Operational
USA GE CapitalBrian DePierre203-247-1568brian.depierre@ge.comCapital
Europe, Asia, Australia GE Capital EuropeAmelie Wulff+44-207-302-6796amelie.wulff@ge.comCapital, Operational
Canada GE Capital CanadaTania Guindi905-858-4928Tania.guindi@ge.com

The Leasing Process in Detail:

  1. CRV will generate a quote that will be sent to both the customer and the preferred leasing company.
  2. After receiving the quote and referral for credit, the leasing company will contact the customer to discuss the financing options available and answer any questions that arise.
  3. If the customer chooses to proceed with a financing offering, financial statements or tax returns will be requested for review along with any other pertinent information.  The underwriting process primarily encompasses the last two years of financial data (P&L, Balance sheets) and understanding of the customer’s ownership structure.  Depending on the size of the transaction and specific customer, additional information may be required to formally review the credit standing.
  4. Generally, Curadel will receive a verbal credit decision within 2-3 business days of the referral.
  5. Once a credit determination has been made, and the customer decides to place an order, the broker/financing company will issue a contract to the customer. It can take up to 2 weeks for the contract with all terms and conditions to be fully executed. Our lenders typically offer 100% financing unless there are obvious credit risks.
  6. Once the broker/financing company receives the contract back, they instruct CRV to proceed with fulfilling the order.
  7. The broker/financing company will contact the customer via phone to verify that the FLARE® device was received and in the case of a capital lease, the customer would be required to sign a “Certificate of Acceptance”.
  8. If the customer has verified receipt of a working device, the financing company will issue payment to Curadel within 24 hours.

The transaction is now complete.

Lease Calculator

Note: The calculator below is provided as a tool for informational purposes only and none of the calculations are meant to create a binding agreement between the user and Curadel ResVet Imaging. Prices do not include any applicable VAT, taxes, shipping, leasing fees, or customs charges.

Note: To remain compliant with US export control laws, we are unable to sell systems directly or indirectly to any destinations subject to U.S. embargoes or trade sanctions. The U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Treasury administer and maintain exclusion lists. CURADEL does not ship products to any entity or individual, whether in the U.S. or abroad, specified on these lists.