Terms & Conditions of Sale

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Last Updated January 18th, 2017


  • All products are shippable to worldwide destinations, except for the prohibited countries specified Terms and Conditions.
  • If the products ordered are in inventory and ready to ship at the time of the order, then those products should be shipped within approximately 3 (three) business days of receipt of the purchase order and only after confirmation that the buyer is eligible for purchase. However, it may and likely will take a longer amount of time to ship products that are not in inventory and/or ready to ship at the time of order.
  • All shipments will be sent via US Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, UPS, or DHL – whichever is most cost effective unless a particular Shipper is specified by, and paid for, by the customer.
  • Standard shipping rates plus shipping and handling fees will be applied to your invoice.
  • A tracking number will be sent to you by email if issued by the carrier.

Ordering Process

You may order Products by telephone (CURADEL’s invoice to you for the Products without further written confirmation shall be conclusive evidence of such order), facsimile, or other written communication except as provided below (each, a “Purchase Order”), identifying the Products by number, quantity, purchase price, address for delivery, requested date of shipment and any special shipping instructions. All Purchase Orders are subject to acceptance by CURADEL in its sole discretion. Any terms or conditions in any Purchase Order, which are inconsistent with, or are in addition to these Terms, shall be null and void. CURADEL shall use reasonable efforts to timely fill orders accepted by CURADEL subject to availability, demand, inventory and other factors, see the Delay Section in Terms and Conditions. On any Purchase Order accepted by CURADEL, but not yet shipped, CURADEL shall use its reasonable efforts to accommodate your request for cancellations or alterations; provided that CURADEL may impose a reasonable material, labor, storage or cancellation charges, see the Changes section above.

The following information must be included in every purchase order:

  • Customer/Buyer name (and End User name and address, if different)
  • Bill to address
  • Complete delivery address
  • Purchase order number or Product Reorder number
  • Date by which the product is required
  • Shipping preference
  • Item, quantity and unit price
  • Total price per line
  • Contact name, phone number, fax number or email address
Curadel, LLC
Phone Orders 877-CURADEL (USA) or 508-305-2355 (International)
Mail Orders 257 Simarano Drive, Marlborough, MA 01752
Fax Orders 508-251-2029
Internet Sales sales@resvet.curadel.com